Michael Grady Burns

Hi, I'm Mike!

I spend most days keeping the Boston University web up and running. In my three years at BU I've released three five-star plugins on, become a core WordPress contributor, led a team of developers in modernizing our WordPress infrastructure, developed a custom SQL grader to support a popular course on Sabermetrics for the edX platform, and shared knowledge and experience through presentations and mentorship.

Some nights I channel experience picked up on the job into the eager minds of aspiring web designers and developers as an adjunct instructor at the Center for Digital Imaging Arts in Waltham, MA.

In a former life I was an audio engineer, working as an assistant production manager for a vibrant performing arts center in Richmond, VA. In my spare time I am a craft beer enthusiast, avid outdoorsman and loving husband and dog owner.

Coding Philosophy

I read more code then I write, and am suspicious of any code that lacks test coverage, succinct comments and consistent style. I'm a big fan of automation as a means to remove sources of tedium that so often obstruct progress and creativity, and a firm believer in test driven development and continuous integration to ensure code quality remains high in the face of constant iteration. Some of my best coding is done with the delete key.

Interactive Design
Boston University

  • Lead Developer August 2014 — Present


  • Application Development Lead the development of web-based applications in order to advance web publishing at Boston University with a focus on content management, highest quality user experience, and device agnostic delivery.
  • Project Planning and Application Testing Assist in creating project scope and effort estimate documentation for Project Managers in setting schedules and deadlines.
  • Technical Oversight Act as technical mentor for reports, and provide training and support for team members. Oversee technical direction of all projects, connecting designers, developers, and production staff to technical resources and best practices.
  • Strategic Planning Research and identify new technology-related opportunities. Work to improve internal procedures, processes, communication, and knowledge sharing.

IS&T Web Team
Boston University

  • Web Developer III May 2013 — August 2014
  • Web Developer II July 2011 — May 2013


  • Develop and support custom applications and integrations for WordPress, Django and edX platforms.
  • Write project specifications and effort estimates to assist PMO in project planning.
  • Collaborate with designers and UI/UX team members to support custom site development.
  • Work with systems engineering and operational team to support application environments.
  • Advocate for industry-standard best practices across organizational boundaries.
  • Team lead and mentor.

Center for Digital Imaging Arts

  • Adjunct Instructor December 2011 — Present


  • Instructor for web development track.
  • Authored curriculum for the WordPress Plugin Development module.

Courses taught — WordPress I / II, WordPress Plugin Development, PHP / MySQL, Project II / III.

Open source


  • Languages

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • Javascript
    • PHP
    • Python
  • Frameworks

    • WordPress
    • Django
    • edX
  • Web Services

    • Apache
    • nginx
    • MySQL
    • memcached
    • RabbitMQ
  • Platforms

    • Mac OS X
    • Ubuntu
    • CentOS
  • Cloud

    • Amazon Web Services
    • Rackspace
  • Automation

    • Ansible
    • Puppet
  • Development Workflow

    • Git
    • Grunt
    • SASS
    • node.js
    • Vagrant